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24/7 Accessibility to a Doctor

Our unique boutique services ensure that you will receive the best healthcare experience.


State-of-the-Art Patient Care

We are not your typical Medical practice. We have a hand-full of patients per day. You can email your doctor, your doctor can admit you in the hospital, draw blood work in our office. These are just a few of our VIP services.


Direct After-Hour Access to Doctors

Learn how we differ from the average medical office.


Electronic Medical Records

Access your medical records on the fly anywhere & anytime. Our medical records are 100% electronically on the cloud.




We Help Keep You Healthy


Although it’s well known that prevention is the basis of a healthy long life, most physicians are unable to implement it. For us, knowing your family history and working with prevention is one of our most important goals from day one. Having a concierge doctor grants you extra time to communicate with your physician. This enables a patient’s health care team to identify risk factors for illnesses that often don’t present with symptoms until it’s no longer within their control, such as high cholesterol and heart disease.

We Understand Your Medical Needs.


Here’s how it works. We begin with a comprehensive medical assessment, which affords us a detailed snapshot of your current health and allows us to create a road map for the coming year. Then, we monitor each of your acute and chronic health issues and all the things it takes to help you prevent illnesses throughout the year.  Having a concierge doctor will provide you a personalized health care plan  with expedited testing an prompt and detailed delivery of results. 

Chronic Disease Management


All are examples of common conditions that need ongoing attention.  You don’t have time to make an appointment every time you have a question about your condition. With us, not only do you have easy phone and email access, but we’re keen diagnosticians with the time and intellectual curiosity to figure out what’s troubling you and refer you to the right specialist should you need one. Our concierge model is focus on preventative- not reactive- care.


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    Miami Comprehensive Medicine Group


    “Miami Comprehensive Medicine Group invites you to experience state-of-the-art medical care in an atmosphere you will call your Medical Home. Our physicians take great pride in providing you with nothing but the best service using a personalized approach not found anywhere else. Our office is committed to providing the highest standard of care to each individual patient.”

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    Feel free to contact us on any news you find interesting.

    We are performing in office PCR testing for the COVID19 virus and antibodies to COVID-19. Results are available in less than one hour.

    Genetic testing may help to show if you’ve inherited a tendency to get certain diseases. Results from this testing may help you change your lifestyle to reduce your risk of getting a disease, change the frequency of routine screening for cancer among other things.

    CDC recommends the new shingles vaccine for healthy adults 50 and older. Two doses of Shingrix is more than 90% effective at preventing shingles.

    In an effort to combat the national opioid crisis Governor Rick Scott signed the HB21 law which creates new limits on schedule II prescriptions for pain medication and other controlled substances.


    It’s always the word-of-mouth that’s the best advice…

    It is amazing that the entire office staff could not be more pleasant, polite, cheerful, and caring. The wait time is rarely more than 10 minute and the waiting room is never crowded with patients. When visiting with Dr. Gomes he is clearly the most compassionate, warmest physician that I have ever met, and shows that he wants to be you partner in helping you resolve you medical issues as he displays a true love to practice medicine. You can tell that this is a carefully designed practice, which is why on a scale of 1-10 I would rate Dr. Gomes as a 10.

    – Emanuel P. – 75yrs old

    Over the last 11 years I have experienced exceptional professionalism, care, and trust not only from Dr. Mason, but her staff as well. I have complete confidence should my needs require assistance from the staff at Miami Comprehensive Medicine Group that this will be met with the highest of professionalism and sensitivity. I feel totally and absolutely secure in my medical care. Thank you all for whom you are and keep doing what you are doing so exceptionally well as in my eyes you are the A Team.

    – Cathy J. – 70yrs old

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